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Sylogist Student Information System

Sylogist is a web-based software platform that helps students, teachers and parents record and track academic progress. Data analysis of such progress includes attendance, grades, transcripts and scheduling. The software system also incorporates optional teacher modules and immunization tracking, as well as discipline tracking. Accessing the system requires Internet access, along with an assigned user name and password. For students, parents and teachers with access privileges, the loss of a user name or password will require contacting the school site for assistance. For obtaining access to Wen-GAGE,  call your child’s school office. Prepare to answer some required identity information regarding your child. The principal’s office will verify you are the parent, and have a right to access and monitor your child’s academic progress. Upon verification the principal will email you a link to set up your account. 
Sylogist Gradebook

Mobile View

In addition to view choices, the mobile view offers additional features like:

     A responsive design that adjusts to any display size

  • Dynamic imagery with color and photos

  • Collapsible navigation

  • Language translation

  • Search function

  • Scrolling banners

  • Calendar Highlights

  • Polls

  • Quick Links

In August 2012, Pew Internet Research reported 45 percent of American adult cell phone owners have a smartphone. In addition, 25 percent of American adults own a tablet computer. Those numbers are expected to increase. Anticipating this, our website provider helped us get ready for the trend by providing a mobile view of our web site.

Source: Pew Research Center